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2022 Expected Offspring

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Updated July 19, 2022

Diamond PythonMorelia spilota spilotaF1 Valle x F3 SDZ X F3 SDZ
Sonoran Gopher SnakePituophis catenifer affinisCuesta del Burro - Presidio Co, TX
Corn SnakePantherophis guttatusF1 & F2 Okeetee Hunt Club - Jasper Co, SC*
Corn SnakePantherophis guttatusF1 Lee Co, FL
Corn SnakePantherophis guttatusF1 Okeetee Hunt Club X Soderberg Extreme Reverse Okeetee
Arizona Mountain KingsnakeLampropeltis pyromelanaPossible het albino
Apalachicola KingsnakeLampropeltis meansiF2 Liberty Co, FL
Apalachicola KingsnakeLampropeltis meansiF1 Leon Co, FL X F1 Liberty Co, FL
Eastern KingsnakeLampropeltis getulaF1 Currituck Co, NC*
Eastern KingsnakeLampropeltis getulaF1 Pasquotank Co, NC
Eastern KingsnakeLampropeltis getulaF1 Charles Co, MD
* Unrelated Pairs are Expected